November 2nd, 2007

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Hey all, just a quick couple of things. Okay, first off, I still have the Under Construction banners up, so I'm still doing the tweaking. I'm regarding you guys as my beta testers ;) hope you're happy with that :D

1 - Due to it being the biggest cause for concern I've heard from peeps, I've made an executive decision and reduced the minimum word count to 100.

2 - There's been a query about the Cross Over table, and I'm looking for some ideas/guidance. I don't want to make a sudden decision and have it bite me in the arse later. I'll quote the question:

And for the crossover table, do we have to crossover ten separate fandoms, or can we repeat fandoms? I'd love to include this table, but there are few fandoms (I'm familiar with) that could be crossed over well with the fandom I'd like to claim, and one fandom in particular I have more than one plotbunny for. 
My idea behind this table was to get people to flex their writing muscles, but I can appreciate that it could cause complications.  Not only if you have a problem with crossing over well, but also if you're not familiar with many fandoms.  So I'm debating adding the proviso that you can repeat a fandom (either) 2 or 3 times.  There's nothing to stop you from writing a crossover for the other prompts tables though.  So opinions please :D

3 - Links?  We only get ten, usually that's enough I guess, but we have so many sets of prompt tables it's a little constricting.  I've put in a link to 'who's working on what?' but I'm thinking an 'Any Questions?' post link might be better, or something else...  so I'll take opinions and suggestions on that too :D

4 - If there's anything else you think I've not thought of, or want to suggest, please comment.  This is my first ever comm, and I'd rather have mistakes/omissions pointed out to me before they become a problem, rather than get myself in a mess.  Thankyou!

Poll #1081535 Opinions?

What should be the amended rules on the Cross Over table?

Spare link, what are we doing with it?

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Title: Bonus Crazy Table (2/3)
Author: yo_mawari
'Verse: Heroes
Claim: Peter/Sylar(Gabriel)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: very cracky, slight adult content
Disclaimer: Heroes is not mine, otherwise Season two would have a certain emo boy and psychopath teaming up.
Summary: 5 short stories based on the Bonus Crazy Prompt Table.
A/N: The fics for my actual tables will be longer, but for the bounus table I decided to make them short and sweet.
Table/Prompt: The Bouns Crazy Table prompts 6-10.