November 5th, 2007

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Title: I Think Therefore I Am
Author: Lana
'Verse: Heroes 
Claim:Sylar (Gabriel) 
Rating: U
Summary: Humans have always sought to change their reality to suit themselves.
Disclaimer: Heroes belong to NBC et al, this is just for fun and naughty thoughts
Spoilers: None really, if you know who Sylar is you're okay.
Warnings: No graphic m/m sex, short
Table/Prompt: Un - Themed Tables #6 swap out 'Thought'' </a></font></b></a>mission_insane

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Flying Monkeys

Holy Guacamole!

 Title: Holy Guacamole!
Author: flying_monkees
'Verse: Heroes
Claim/Characters/Pairing: General-Matt/Molly/Mohinder
Rating: PG-13 (Probably closer to PG)
Warnings: No spoilers unless you haven't seen any of the second season.
Disclaimer: Heroes does not belong to me no matter how much I wish it did.
Summary: Matt and Molly introduce Mohinder to an old TV show.
Table/Prompt: Food Table/Guacamole

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Title: Plummeting
Author: yo_mawari
'Verse: Heroes
Claim: Peter/Sylar(Gabriel)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Spoilers up to 02x06, character death, hypoxyphilia
Disclaimer: Not mine *is sad*.
Summary: Next Deception Series: New York - a land of lost souls waiting to be found.
Table/Prompt: Kink/asphyxiation
A/N: You do not need to read previous parts to enjoy this, just know Sylar got to an anmesiac!Peter and corrupted him. 

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