November 13th, 2007

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Title: Watching
Author: [info]yo_mawari
Claim: Peter/Sylar(Gabriel)
Rating: PG
Warnings: AU
Disclaimer: Heroes isn't mine.
Summary: Gabriel didn’t know how long he had been like this, but it felt like forever.
Table/Prompt: Mental Illness/Depersonalization Disorder

( Watching )

Author: [info]yo_mawari
Claim: Peter/Sylar(Gabriel)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Spoilers for '5YG'
Disclaimer: Heroes isn't mine.
Summary: Companion Fic to Waiting for the World to Burn, but can be read alone - It was happening again.
Table/Prompt: Mental Illness/Panic Attack

Synesthesia, Mylar

Author: AussieVamp
Title: Synesthesia
Pairing: Mylar
Rating: G/PG, I think. It appalling. What happened to the smut? I don’t know.
Word count: 865. It’s only a baby.
AN: This one is for Mission:Insane; the prompt is “I’ve never felt like this before.” It’s pretty much AU from somewhere after Parasite. This is a while into a future where the Shanti virus reigns supreme.
Beta’d by the ever-wonderful flwrpwr_vampyre.
For those not in the know, synesthesia is a condition wherein two senses are combined, like words having colour or time having a personality. Your friendly author, for example, sees movement in music and can taste words. Yes I’m freaky. So are these two. I thought it’d fit. That was pretty much the springboard for this fic. :) Enjoy. 
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