November 25th, 2007

Set Fire, Petlar

Title: How to Save the Exploding Man
Author: Aussievamp
Pairing: Established Petlar.
Rating:PG. I think.
Warning: Boykissing. Completely ignoring large chunks of canon.
Spoilers: Set post first season. Past that it’s AU. (Even somewhat in that. See pairing.)
Disclaimer: Well, I own the bar Peter’s in. Seeing as its make-believe. Neither the characters or the song are mine.
AN: This one’s for mission:insane challenge. Its one of my ten songfics. Woot. Song is “Set the Fire to the Third Bar”, by Snow Patrol. Lyrics at the end.

Maps and Buried Treasure

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Title: Revenge
Author: holy_cockroach
'Verse: Heroes
Pairing: Mylar
Rating: Pg-13
Warnings (inc. Spoilers): Spoilers for S1? Also murder, gore, thoughts of suicide. More angst. Possibly annoying run-on sentences.
Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes.
Every day he has to walk past that empty room where Molly used to be…
Table/Prompt: POV Table/3rd Person (Prompt: Vengeful from Emotions table)

[Isabela] Both kinds of booty

Let It Snow

Title: Let It Snow
Author: keldjinfae_moon
Claim: Peter Petrelli
Characters: Nathan/Peter
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Nathan and Peter do not belong to me, but I do own the dirty things my mind makes them do.
Author's note: If you can, I recommend that you listen to Massive Attack's "Teardrop" while reading the "shower scene," because that's what I was listening to while writing it. Also, many, many thanks to bettareader for playing "Teardrop" over and over again at my request in order to set "the mood."
Summary: Peter wishes that Nathan would spend more time with him, and his wish is granted in ways he'd never expected.
Table/prompt: Weather/snow

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SHERLOCK - S&J books

FIC: White Christmas (Mylar)

Title White Christmas
Author Trina
Rating PG
Pairing/Chracter Mylar
Disclaimer I just play with them
Summary Mohinder tries to make Sylar have a merry christmas
A/N This sort of hit me while setting up christmas decorations today and wouldn't leave me alone. It's short, it's sweet and there will most likely be more throughout the month, because I'm in the mood for christmas fic.  Feedback is love. 
Prompt Table Unthemed 4, prompt - Cocoa

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