December 9th, 2007

Misfits - Nathan in bra

Warm Welcome

Title: Warm Welcome
Author: aussievamp and flwrpwr_vampyre
Rating: NC17.
Pairing/Characters: Mylar.
Spoilers: None, completely AU.
Word Count: 3,042
Warnings: Bondage, sub/dom play, teasing
Summary: Sylar comes home to Mohinder
Disclaimer: Neither of us owns it. We’re considering pooling all our worldly possessions, but I think we’re still gonna come up short. Combined however, we do have enough to buy Zachary Quinto, so we are doing that.
This was written for mission_insane. AV’s half is for the kink prompt whip. FV’s half is for the kink prompt Erotic sensation play. Hope that’s allowed in the rules.

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fic - Peter/Sylar PWP table - Confessional

Title: Preaching to the Perverted
Author: Lana
Pairing: Peter/Sylar
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Follow up to Two Tickets To Hell Please and Month of Sundays written as an apology to lienne and aplysia_06 because I put the nun costume on the wrong person in Month of Sundays...
Disclaimer: Heroes belong to NBC et al, this is just for fun and naughty thoughts
Spoilers: None really, if you know who the characters are you're okay.
Warnings: graphic m/m sex, people of a strong religious persuasion should probably look away now...
Prompt: mission_insane PWP Table Theatre Cloakroom Confessional Booth

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