December 12th, 2007

Misfits - Nathan in bra


Title: Baggage
'Verse: Heroes
Het fic
Sasan was pretty sure this was the most freaked out he'd ever been in his entire life.
Notes: Pairing is Sasan/Jessica - So NoTORIous/Heroes. Beta'd by flying_monkees who also gave me quite a bit of help when I was stuck on this. Thank you so much!
Table/Prompt: Unthemed #6/baggage

Fake cut to my journal

Thinkin' of You, Petlar songfic

Author: Aussievamp
Pairing: implied future Petlar
Word Count: 1,670
Rating: Probably PG.
Warning: Brief mention of contemplating suicide. Nothing happens between the boys.
Spoilers: 1:23. Set after the explosion. Goes AU, in that Pete’s in America and the Company put Sylar back in a cell, not in Me-hi-co. (Blink and you’ll miss it mention of Adam’s power. Kinda) Also the hero/villain speech of Sylar’s – I took a little artistic licence with it. :)
Disclaimer: Neither the characters or the song are mine.
AN: This one’s for mission:insane challenge. It’s the third of my ten songfics. Song is “Savin’ Me”, by Nickelback. Full lyrics at the end.