Mac (capn_mactastic) wrote in mission_insane,

Peter/Sylar 2nd Person

Title: Month of Sundays
Author: Lana
Rating: 15 I think
Pairing: Peter/Sylar
Summary: Follow up to Two Tickets to Hell Please , islandblue asked for a follow up, and lienne and aplysia_06</lj>asked for a story with a Nun costume (although there has been some confusion, because apparently it was Sylar who was supposed to be wearing it) and those two ideas liked each other, lots.
Warnings: semi-graphic m/m sex, second person story-telling (you do this, you think that), those who are touchy about religion may want to look away now...
Disclaimer: Heroes belong to NBC et al, this is just for fun and naughty thoughts.
Prompt: Point of View: 2nd Person - Black

Fake cut to our journal
Tags: capn_mactastic:heroes:sylar
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