Mac (capn_mactastic) wrote in mission_insane,

To Everyone Who Is Owed A Banner

I haven't forgotten about you.  Basically my computer is now a paperweight (and I'm using one of those ASUS surfer things which cannot handle photoshop D:  Crikey, this thing can't even handle photobucket!) due to a slight accident (involving prescription pain medication and the deletion of half my operating system seeming like a good idea at the time, no really, don't-even-ask-you-don't-wanna-know)

I am trying to get it fixed, but that's complicated, so I apologise for the delay.  If you do already have a base banner and the capability to add the necessary 'badges' then please feel free to do so (though it would be awesome if you could comment either here or on the 'finished a banner' post so i know not to make another one when I finally get this heap of junk fixed or replaced.) 

If you're photoshop savvy, and are sat there on your end of the internet thinking "hey, I could put together those banners..." then I would love to hear from you, seriously, PM, comment here, whatever  *hopeful grin*

Anyway, once again, apologies for the delay.

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