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Title: Breakaway
Author: keldjinfae_moon
Fandom: Heroes
Claim</>: Peter Petrelli
Characters: Nathan/Peter
Rating: PG (language)
Disclaimer: Heroes belongs to NBC, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to FOX (I only mentioned Buffy, but I just want to be safe.
Author's note: This is the first part of the Moving series I'm writing, which in turn is an extension of Fear Of the Future. Many thanks to oh_mcgee for providing a metaphor that allowed me to make "Fireflies" work. Also, the inspiration for this title came from Alan Parson's "Breakaway," not anybody else's song. And I highly recommend checking out that song--not because it had anything to do with this ficlet, but because it is a frickin' awesome song, yo.
Summary: Nathan calls Peter.
Table/prompt: Un-Themed 1/Fireflies

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Tags: keldjinfae_moon:heroes:peter
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