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Winchester Garage and Singer Salvage, Part 1B

Title  Winchester Garage and Singer Salvage, Part 1B
Author  my_sam_dean
Claim  Dean Wnchester
Rating  R
Disclaimer  I don't own the boys, I just wish I did.
Summary  Dean and Kylee talk about having a baby of their own.
Table/Prompt  Emotion Table prompt #09 - Confused

They pulled into the emergency room and Bobby went in to get a nurse. Sam was able to go back with Abby but Bobby stayed in the waiting room.

They started her on an IV and gave her some medication for nausea through it. She started to drift off to sleep and Sam fell asleep, too. He was sitting in the chair with his head resting on his hand that held hers. The beeping of the IV woke Sam up. He was surprised to find Bobby sitting in a chair on the other side of Abby's bed.

"I sweet talked the nurse into letting me come back," he told Sam. "I thought you might want to grab something to eat since you didn't get any breakfast this morning."

"I don't want to be gone too long," Sam replied.

"I'll be here," Bobby assured him. "You need a small break. Just pick something up and bring it back. I'll still be here."

Sam nodded. "I sure could use some food. I'll let the nurse know about empty IV on my way out." Sam kissed Abby's forehead and tried to close the door silently.


Not much had changed by the time Sam came back. "They're going to do an ultrasound to check on the baby," Bobby told him. "I'll just go back to the waiting room when they do that."

"Abby might say it'll be okay if you stay," Sam told him. "Have you ever seen one?"

Bobby shook his head.

"Then don't go flying out the door too fast. They are awesome to see."


When the technician came in with the ultrasound machine, Abby wanted Bobby to stay. Bobby just stared at the screen, finding it hard to believe he was seeing Abby's unborn baby. Sam was grinning from ear to ear. Abby remembered to ask if they could print a picture for her. The baby was fine.

The doctor gave Abby a prescription for some anti-nausea medication and said her regular doctor would be able to approve any refills. If her regular doctor didn't, she just needed to call the emergency room and they'd approve them. The ER doctor couldn't believe that Abby's regular doctor had let her suffer so much. He also gave them a couple names of OB/GYNs that he said he's recommend.

They all felt much better leaving than when they had left that morning. Bobby had called home to let them know that all was okay. He was even able to reach Tasha before she left for work.


Lying in bed that night, Dean asked Kylee when she wanted kids.

"When you grow up," she replied laughing.

"Haha," Dean smiled. "I'm serious."

"I don't know. Why? Are we in a hurry?"

Dean shrugged. "I was just thinking that Sammy's baby could use a cousin."

"Let's wait until their baby is born before we start making baby plans. Today scared me when Abby had to go in."

"Me, too," Dean admitted. "Of course I could not tell Sam that. I kept telling him that it was all going to be okay while he was getting ready to leave for the hospital."

"That's because you're a wonderful big brother," Kylee kissed him.

"Hmm," Dean replied. "Does that mean I get to try to be a wonderful dad in a year or so?"

"We'll see," Kylee blushed.

"Now you're bashful," Dean started to laugh. "You weren't bashful when it was just the two of us when we were dating. Now we're married and you turn bashful on me."

Kylee turned redder. "It's just not something we talked about much in our family."

"There's lots of things your family didn't talk about," Dean told her. "Besides, this is just you and me. After all the different ways we've been intimate, you get hung up on something as natural as having a baby?"

"Are you trying to see how red you can make me or what?" Kylee asked.

"I didn't think you'd be so embarrassed talking about a baby," Dean told her as she snuggled back into him. "We talked about kids before and you wanted them."

"I love kids, especially babies."

"That's convenient since that's the way kids usually start," Dean smiled. "What has you worried about it now?"

"Watching Abby, most of all," Kylee said.

"How she is when she is pregnant could be totally different than how you'd be when you were pregnant."

"I know. But do we really want to chance it?" Kylee moved so she was facing Dean. "Do you want to be up at night with me like Sam is with Abby?"

"You know how sound I sleep at night," Dean smirked.


"I'm in this for the long run, Kylee. It doesn't matter if it's morning sickness or the flu, I'll be there."

Kylee was silent.

"Did you think I'd just leave you alone when you needed me?" Dean asked.

"I know how hunting is," Kylee replied.

"There are three hunters in this house. Only two need to be gone at a time," Dean explained. "You know that if you got sick and I wasn't here, Bobby or Sam would take care of you. You know what a softie Sammy is, and Bobby is the same way. He's a damn good hunter, but he has a very protective and caring streak when it comes to kids or women. Maybe you just haven't seen that part of him yet. He took good care of me and Sammy."

"I know," Kyle said. "Maybe I'm just too tired for baby talk tonight."

"Okay, Kylee," Dean gave her a soft kiss. "Just promise me you'll think about it."

"I will," Kylee whispered. "I'm enjoying having you all to myself right now."

"I know the feeling," Dean smiled as he agreed.

Before long, they were asleep. Both of them dreaming about babies.


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