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Winchester Garage and Singer Salvage, Part 2A

Title  Winchester Garage and Singer Salvage, Part 2A
Author  my_sam_dean
Claim Dean Winchester
Rating  R
Disclaimer  I don't own the boys, I just wish I did!
Summary  Dean and Kylee bicker.
Table/Prompt  Genre AU Table #1 - What if Dean Got Married?

Bobby smiled as he heard raised voiced from upstairs. Kylee and Dean were arguing. Bobby didn't have a clue what it was about but he was sure Dean was the one in the wrong. That was just how those things worked.

Dean married himself a spitfire with a soft heart. Bobby doubted that Dean thought about how much they might clash before they got married. He just loved the girl too much. She was a good gal, Bobby thought she was a darlin'. Dean was the one who had to handle the spitfire side of her, though.

Sam stepped into the kitchen, shutting the door behind him quietly.

"How's Abby doing?" Bobby asked as he continued to fry the bacon.

"Not bad," Sam replied. "She was restless but not sick. I'm hopeful that the new medicine will work."

"Me, too," Bobby agreed. "I'd like to see some weight on that girl."

"Yep," Sam smiled as he grabbed the dishes to set the table. "Have they been at it long?" He motioned up the stairs.

"I'd Say Kylee has quiet a bit left in her," Bobby said. "You know your brother. He probably deserves it."

Sam nodded.

"Morning," Tasha greeted them as she came down the stairs.

"Morning," Bobby and Sam replied at the same time.

"You guys practice that?" Tasha smiled.

"No," Bobby put some bacon on a plate. "Any guess when the others will be coming down?"

Tasha shrugged. "Something about dirty underwear on the doorknob."

"That's good for at least another fifteen minutes," Sam piped in. "It's so gross when he does that."

"I didn't need to know," Bobby shook his head.

Tasha laughed.


While the three of them were eating, Dean and Kylee came downstairs, no evidence at all of their little tiff. They greeted them, grabbed their breakfast, and sat down.

"How's Abby?" Tasha asked Sam when they were clearing their plates.

"Good," Sam replied. "Tired, but not sick."

"Tell me when she's up so we can visit."

"Sure. How are you doing?" Sam was surprised at how easily she had adapted to life at Bobby's after what she'd been through.

"I love my new life," Tasha's smile could have lit up the darkest day. "I have my sister back, a new family that really does care about me, and a job that I like."

"That's great. I know Abby loves having you here."

"I'm just so glad she sent you guys after me," Tasha blushed. "Now I can live free of my father's, um, demands."

"His demands had nothing to do with you," Sam told her. "H's sick or evil or both. He was supposed to be protecting you. He failed miserably. It has no reflection on you or who you are."

Tasha nodded.

"Really," Sam smiled at her, "it doesn't. You are a bright, caring and smart woman."

Tasha gave him a hug.

Dean walked over to where they were in the kitchen. "If we're switching spouses, I'd like a change mine for the day," he kept his voice down so Kylee wouldn't hear.

"Hanging your underwear on the doorknob is so gross," Sam replied loud enough for Kylee to hear. Dean tried to shush him.

"Dean!" Kylee called from the table where she and Bobby were still eating. "What are you saying about me?"

"Nothing, honey," Dean rolled his eyes at Sam. "Just advising Sam not to do what I did," Dean turned to go back to the table.

Abby opened up the bedroom door. "Am I missing out on something?"

Sam shook his head. "How are you feeling?"

Abby shrugged.

"Hungry?" Sam sounded hopeful.

"No," she made a sour face.

"Good," Tasha jumped in. "Then we can visit," she ushered Abby back into her room.

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