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Winchester Garage and Singer Salvage, Part 3A

Title  Winchester Garage and Singer Salvage, Part 3A
Author  my_sam_dean
Claim  Dean Winchester
Rating  R
Disclaimer  I don't own the boys, I just wish I did!
Summary  Written for Mission Insane.  Sam picks Abby up from work, The mechanics get frustrated with a car.  Dean storms off.
Table/Prompt  Emotions/#08 - Broody

Abby was so excited when Sam picked her up from work. "Guess what?" she asked as her eyes sparkled. "Tasha has a date!"

Sam opened the car door for her. "Really? I didn't know she was looking."

"She wasn't," Abby replied as she eased herself into the car. "That's what makes it so great."

Sam shut her door and got in, "So what's this guy like?"

"His name is Danny. He works at the store. He must be in his mid-twenties. He's quiet and seems sweet."

Sam nodded as he drove home. "What does Tasha think about him?"

"I don't know. She didn't say much. They're going to a movie on Saturday night."

"Which movie?"

"He said she could pick."

"Very gentlemanly of him," Sam smiled. "I hope they have a great time."

"Me, too. I'm so excited and I'm not even the one going out."

Sam smiled at her. "That's just because you care."

Abby smiled back.


All three of the mechanics were outside when they got home. That wasn't a good sign. Dean only got Bobby if there was something he couldn't fix. Kylee had the new techniques and Dean had old-fashioned trial and error education. They got Bobby when they also needed someone with years more of experience.

"Hey, guys," Sam walked up to where they were gathered around the hood of a car. "Problem car?"

Bobby shot a look at him.

Dean said, "Sam, just don't. We don't need any of your crap right now."

Sam put both hands up, "I wasn't starting anything. Just checking in to see if you guys need anything from inside, like a drink or something."

"I could use a Coke," Kylee replied with a smile.

"Dean? Bobby?" Sam asked.

"Coffee sounds good," Bobby didn't even look up.

"Coffee for me, too," Dean sighed. "Thanks, Sam."

"No problem."

Sam got inside and Abby was already lying down. "Long day at work. Want to join me?" She patted the bed next to her.

"Very tempting," Sam smiled lovingly at her. "I'll join you in a few minutes. I told the crew I'd bring out drinks."

She nodded as she laid back down. "See you soon." Sam thought she might be asleep before he made it back.


They moved away from the car when they saw Sam approaching. He had two cups of coffee in his hands and a Coke in his jacket pocket.

They mumbled their thanks as they moved away from the car into the garage that was warmer and had chairs.

"It might go better after the break," Bobby told them.

"I'd rather have it done," Dean complained.

"Are you the same kid that used to beg me to tinker on cars, even when they were beyond repair?" Bobby asked.

"Why are we fixing this one, Bobby? Can't we pick another one from the yard?"

"And admit defeat?" Bobby laughed. "I don't think so."

Dean just shook his head.

Kylee didn't say much from where she sat and downed her Coke. She had opinions when it was just her and Dean working but when Bobby came out, she kept quiet and learned.

"How's Abby doing?" Kylee asked.

"Tired," Sam replied. "She's probably already asleep. She wanted me to rest by her."

Bobby just smiled, remembering lazy afternoons with Loretta when they were pregnant.

"Better get in there, then," Dean's voice broke through Bobby's thoughts. "Hate to have her hormones change and she comes flying out here in a tizzy."

"that's uncalled for, Dean," Kylee jumped in. "The worse she's ever done to you was to start crying over some comment you made."

"It was funny!" Dean defended himself.

"Not to her," Kylee said.

"Great. Now I can't even talk to people." Dean was getting worked up. "No one thinks I'm funny anymore. I have to walk on eggshells around Princess in there and now I can't even fix a damn car! I can't please anyone. I'm out of here." He stomped over to the Impala and raced out of the driveway, kicking up dust.

Bobby, Kylee and Sam just watched him go.

"I'm going back inside," Sam excused himself.

"Dean was just blowing off steam," Bobby told him. "Abby isn't acting any different than other expectant mothers. He'll be better when he comes back. You'll see."

Sam just shrugged it off as he walked to the house.

"Should be try tackling this car here, Kylee?"

"Sure," Kylee stood up as she looked down the driveway.

"This might just be too close quarters for Dean. He'll just flow off some steam and come back."

"That's still no excuse for his behavior," Kylee sighed.

Bobby couldn't disagree.


Dean drove a mile or so down the road before he stopped. He wasn't headed toward town, not that he wanted to go there. He was headed the way they used to take when they'd leave Bobby's to go on a hunt.

He missed the him he and Sam had spent together on the road. He missed the freedom. He was still glad he married Kylee, he knew he'd never find another girl like her. Sam seemed so content with Abby and their baby. It irked Dean that Sam had settled into the domesticated life so easily and didn't seem to want to roam anymore. Maybe Bobby could find them a hunt. Something close where they wouldn't be gone too long.

He needed to go. Working and living at the same place was talking its toll.

He drove around aimlessly for awhile, cooling off and coming up with a good way to convince Sam to go.


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