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Winchester Garage and Singer Salvage, Part 4C

Title  Winchester Garage and Singer Salvage, Part 4C
Author  my_sam_dean
Claim  Dean Winchester
Rating  R
Disclaimer  I don't own the boys, I just wish I did.
Summary  Written for Mission Insane.  Kylee and Abby decide to let the boys go on the hunt.
Table/Prompt  Hurt/Comfort Table/#10 Blanket

Abby stirred and stretched in Sam's arms.

"How'd you sleep?" the way he asked her, she knew he'd been watching her sleep.

"Good. How about you?"

"I wasn't tired. I just wanted to be next to you."

Abby smiled. "I love you."

"I love you, too," Sam kissed her. Abby saw a look cross Sam's face and it disappeared as quickly as it came.

"Sam. What is it?"


"I saw that look. What's going on?"

"Dean's asked me to go on a hunt with him."

"Are you going?"

"I don't know. I wanted to talk to you before I gave him an answer."

Abby let out a long breath.

"You okay with discussing this now? Or should I just tell Dean 'no'?" Sam didn't want to cause her to worry.

"Now is fine. Tell me about it," Abby snuggled back in so she'd be comfortable.

Sam told her how the hunt would have to be nearby and Bobby would hook up a monitor so he would hear her if she needed something. He told her how Dean felt restless and needed to go, how it would be too dangerous for Dean to go alone.

"Do you want to go?" Abby asked point-blank.

"Yes," Sam looked her in the eye. "I don't want to go if it's going to screw us up, Abby. I miss when it used to be Dean and I on the open road, hunting evil. I don't want to go back there, you are the best thing that's ever happened to me. I'm thrilled that we got married and are having a baby. I just feel like I need a couple days with Dean. What do you think?"

"I'm not going to make you stay, or make you feel guilty for wanting to go. Are you sure this isn't just the start of something and you want to be back on the road full-time?" Abby was trying not to let her eyes well up with tears.

"Oh, honey," Sam wiped the tears away. "I never meant to make you sad."

"It's the damned hormones," Abby's voice cracked. "I know I have other people here to help me. Our baby isn't due for quite awhile. I want you to be happy and not have to wonder what it would have been like if you had gone. I don't want Dean to get hurt because he went by himself. As long as you call home every night and keep your phone on, you should go. I just might need to call you with an awful hormone attack. They kind of hit me out of the blue, you know."

"I know," Sam looked at her beautiful face. "I'd had to miss a mood swing."

Abby laughed. "So are you going to tell him?"

"Not just yet," Sam pulled Abby closer. "I'm busy resting with my wife."


"Ugh," Kylee moaned as she got out of bed. "What a headache."

"Kylee?" Dean was slowly waking up. "Want me to get you some aspirin?"

"I know where it is," Kylee stated as she went off to the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

"This is about me wanting to go on a short hunt with Sam, isn't it?" Dean asked from the doorway.

"No, it's not." Kylee turned to face him. "That is the furthest thing from my mind right now."

Dean's posture instantly softened. "What's wrong, Kylee?"

"I got a phone call from my folks," her bottom lip started to quiver as she spoke.

Dean wrapped his arms around her. "What did they say?"

"I'm living in sin," she blurted out.

"We're married."

"We didn't get married in the church."

"We still got married by the pastor," Dean was lost.

"Doesn't matter. We're living in sin and if we have kids, they will consider them bastards and not their grandchildren."

Dean's head was spinning. "What? That makes no sense. Did they disown you? Because of me?"

"You aren't very high on their list, Dean, but that doesn't matter to me. They didn't use the word 'disown' but I think that is what they meant."

"Because of me?"

"Because I embarrassed them in front of their friends and family. Because I didn't show to my own wedding. Because you couldn't tell my dad what you did for a job. It's a guilt trip, and I know it. Too bad it still works on me, even with the miles between us."

"Oh, Kylee," Dean felt awful. "I'm sorry they did that to you, baby. They had no right to. We're not living in sin because we're married. Any baby of ours would be absolutely wonderful."

"I don't want to discuss babies right now," she whispered.

"I'm not, I'm just saying--" Dean cut himself off. "I love you and nothing they said was the truth. Do you hear me? They lied."

"I know," she sobbed into his shoulder.

"Does what they said make you want to leave me?" Dean hesitated but had to ask.

"No," Kylee sniffled. "Not even on a day like today."

Dean held her and told her about her new family that would never treat her like that. She belonged at Bobby's, surrounded with people who loved her back. Kylee weakly nodded.

"Go with Sam if you won't be gone long," Kylee said out of the blue.

"We can talk about this later," Dean suggested. "You've already been through the wringer today."

"No, I want you to get this restlessness out of your system. If it means that you will be gone for a few days, that is fine with me."

"Did I ever tell you how amazing you are?" Dean asked her.

"You might have," she said as they walked back to the bed. "But tell me again."

"You, Kylee Wincheser, are a total original," Dean told her as he tucked her back in under the blanket to rest until the aspirin took her headache away. "You are the only woman I know who loves cars as much as I do. And, you are beyond a doubt the only woman who gets me. You are smart and strong, but still sensitive. I love the fact that you show your emotions so easily around me. I don't have to wonder what is going on in your mind because you'll just tell me. You're also very cherished and the only one I love."

"I like the sound of that," Kylee's voice was soft. "Can you stay here with me?"

"There's no place I'd rather be," Dean kissed her cheek. "Rest and you'll feel better. I'll be right here."

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