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Winchester Garage and Singer Salvage, Part 5A

Title  Winchester Garage and Singer Salvage, Part 5A
Author  my_sam_dean
Claim  Dean Winchester
Rating  R
Disclaimer  I don't own the boys, I just wish I did!
Summary  Written for Mission Insane.  Tasha comes home and discusses her upcoming date.  Kylee and Dean make up.
Table/Prompt  Saucy/#1 Kiss

Tasha arrived home after work and thought the house was too quiet for everyone to be home. She'd seen all their cars outside.

She took her shoes and coat off. Then, she walked further in to see what was going on. No one was in the kitchen and dinner hadn't been started yet.

She could see a figure on the couch and heard Bobby's snore. Well, it didn't matter why they were asleep, they were going to wake up eventually and they would be hungry. The Winchester men ate like they were still growing. Tasha didn't know where all that food went. They didn't seem to gain any weight.


The aroma from the kitchen woke Bobby up. He hadn't realized that he'd fallen asleep. He'd only meant to rest his eyes for a little bit.

He shuffled into the kitchen to see Tasha at the stove. "Hi. How was work?" Bobby's voice was gruff from sleep.

"Abby told you, didn't she?" Tasha stopped stirring.

"Told me what? I don't think I even got a chance to talk to he after work. Is there something going on?"

Tasha turned red. "No. Work went fine."

Bobby knew Tasha well enough to know if he stayed quiet she'd eventually tell him what was going on. He grabbed an orange and started to peel it.

"Danny asked me out on a date," she blurted out.

"That sounds fun."

"I've never been on a date. What do I do?"

"Just be yourself, Tasha," Bobby's voice was calm as Tasha started to flip out.

"We're going to a movie Saturday night. Does that mean he has to put his arm around me? What if he picks seats in the back where, you know. What do I do then?"

"Only do what you want to, Tasha. Like I said before, be yourself. If something doesn't feel right, don't do it. If he gets too pushy, call one of us for a ride."

"I'm so nervous," she had stopped paying attention to the stove so Bobby stepped over there to check on supper.

"There's nothing to be nervous about," Bobby told her as he decided supper was done and took it off the burner. "Dates are how you get out to meet people. It's something you are supposed to enjoy and figure out what you want in a spouse."

"How do you know if you've found the right one?"

"Your heart will tell you," Bobby told her. "You'll have many dates, know him very well and be totally at home around him."

Tasha was quiet.

"Why? You planning on jumping right to the marrying stage?"

"I just wonder how Abby dated after our father," her voice was barely audible.

"Abby found Sam, which I think was her destiny. Sam was just lucky. You'll find your own Sam someday. You have plenty of time. You're only eighteen, darlin'."

Tasha nodded and tried to get back to eating.

"If you don't want to go on the date, just tell Danny that you changed your mind."

"No, no. I'll go."

"Make sure you have our numbers and I'm sure you won't need to use them."


Kylee woke up feeling better after the aspirin had kicked in. She rolled over to face Dean and kissed him.


"Kylee," he sounded sleepy, "You must be feeling better."

"Much," she moved so that she straddled Dean's abdomen. It was easier to kiss Dean that way and she could dominate the situation.

Dean was more awake when he felt Kylee upon him. His hands started by her hips and moved up under her shirt. Her skin was so soft and addictive.

Kylee mouth met with his again and during the long, loving moments, he knew that she really was alright with his need to go on a hunt. Kylee was one to act how she felt. If she was upset with him, she wouldn't be kissing him like she was.

"Baby," Dean licked his lips when he got a chance to breathe. "I hate to interrupt this since it would be amazing to say the least, but we should get downstairs. I smell supper."

"You're turning me down for food."

"I need to eat and get some energy for what we're going to do," Dean smirked. "You want me at my best, right?"

Kylee gave him one last kiss before moving off him. "Do I get a rain check?"

"Oh, Kylee. This is only postponed until later tonight. I doubt I could wait any longer than that."

"Glad I'm not the only one," Kylee told him with a smile.

"Are you okay with the phone call you received today?" Dean looked in her eyes.

"Yeah," She smiled at him. "I have my family here now."


"Really." Kylee was sincere and it warmed Dean's heart. Not only did she accept him, and his need to hunt, she loved his family as well. She was truly a Winchester.


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