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Winchester Garage and Singer Salvage, Part 5B

Title  Winchester Garage and Singer Salvage, Part 5B
Author  my_sam_dean
Claim  Dean Winchester
Rating  R
Disclaimer  I don't own the boys, I just wish I did!
Summary  Written for Mission Insane.  Bobby discusses the hunt with Dean and Sam.
Table/Prompt  Saucy/#3 - nibble

Sam's stomach woke him up. He wasn't sure what was on the stove, but it sure smelled good. He woke Abby to see if she was up to trying something or just visiting.

"I might try something," was her reply.

The rest of the family was around the kitchen table. "We didn't call you because we figured Abby needed her sleep."

"Thanks. The aroma from in here woke my stomach up," Sam admitted.

Abby tried some potatoes and corn. It was just a little but it was better than nothing.

"I found you boys a hunt," Bobby said out of the blue. "It's simple and it's close. Are you going to do this hunt or do I hand it off?"

"I'm up for it," Sam said as he took Abby's hand in his.

"Me, too," Dean answered him.

"I'll give you all the details after we're done eating, but you should leave in the morning and my guess it that you'll be gone four days at most."

"As long as you call every night," Abby reminded Sam, "and you keep your phone on."

"Great minds think alike," Kylee laughed. "Same for you, Dean."

Bobby thought that was a huge step for the girls to allow them to go.


"It's a spirit of some sort. It stays hidden in the woods and attacks some of those who enter. Mostly it's been joggers or campers. Anyway, if this spirit takes a person, they are never seen again. A couple who got away described the spirit as a weary traveler from long ago.."

Dean and Sam took notes for the research that they would do later.

After Bobby's briefing, the boys went out to the porch to have a private conversation.

"Was Abby okay with this?" Dean asked.

"As long as it makes me happy and I come back to stay."

"Kylee's parents called. They were talking trash today and she got very upset. That pushed the hunting issue down on the list of things that piss her off, so she just told me to go."

"So we pack the usual, then?"

Dean nodded. "I've, um, gotta go." Dean was blushing so Sam knew exactly what was going on.

"Better hurry before Kylee cools off," Sam replied.

Dean smiled as he bounded up the stairs.

Sam shook his head as he went inside. He had one more night to convince Abby that he loved her and that he would be back as soon as possible


Dean opened the bedroom door and Kylee had definitely not cooled off. She'd dressed in a sexy, flimsy nightie that almost made Dean's jaw drop. "Just a leftover from our honeymoon," she smiled at his response.

Dean's mouth was suddenly dry. "I am so going to miss you when I'm gone."

"That's the plan," Kylee smiled as she clasped her hands around his neck. "I couldn't have you go without the proper send off."

Dean's brain lost all ability to function when Kylee began to nibble on his ear.

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