Mac (capn_mactastic) wrote in mission_insane,

Bonus Crazy Prompt Table

This is what happens when you ask Chris (Lana's hubby) for fifteen random words and phrases. You get the most random words and phrases imaginable...

This table is far too mental to be part of the main challenge, so I'm offering it as a bonus. You get a gold star if you manage five, two gold stars if you manage ten, and three if you do the lot (along with my eternal admiration)

1.Smashed Badger2.Weasels On Your Face3.Naked Eating Cheetos4.Ikea5.’Tis Not Normal
6.Have You Put The Thingy On The Wotsit?7.Bingo Bango Bongo8.Of Course I Was Very, Very Drunk At The Time9.A Potato, A Dead Crow And A Piece Of My Bicycle10.Who’s The Fraggle Looking Motherf**ker In The Far Out Hat?
11.Have You Seen My…?12.I Like Fluffy!13.I’m The Only Gay Eskimo…14.We’ve Got A Combined Age Of 9815.Twice, It Cost Me £80

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