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Supernatural; General - Themed; Quotes - Prompt 7

Title: Baby Steps
Author: [info]trickylady
'Verse: Supernatural, Heroes
Pairing: Dean/Peter Petrelli (Heroes)
Genre: Humour, slash, crack, AU - canon
Rating: R
Length/format: ~1400 /  oneshot
Warnings:  swearing, innuendo.
Disclaimer: I don't even own the sweater on my back. The characters and ideas belong to Kripke, etc.
Summary:  Peter reminds Dean of a lot of people. All the good ones Dean would have (and has) risked his life for.
Table/Prompt: Themed; Quotes - Prompt 7. "Everythign has its beauty, but not everyone sees it." - Confucius [master table here]

Dean likes sex, everyone knows that, but Dean likes having it with people who know how to do it; who’ve gone through all the awkward stuff already, and can screw like a pro now. Virgins -virgins are not something Dean likes to associate himself with for that reason.

Comments appreciated. :)
Tags: trickylady:supernatural:general

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