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Mission:Insane Fic Challenge

You've Agreed To Write How Many Fics?

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The Mission:Insane Fic Challenge
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Fic Challenge with a MAHOOSIVE choice of tables and regular rewards
Welcome to the Mission:Insane Fic Challenge Community

Oh No, not another bloody fic challenge

I know there’s a lot, but I built this one because I couldn’t find one quite like it. The main requests from my pet author were:

Massive choice of prompt tables.
A way to opt out of prompts that do nothing for me.
A challenging amount of stories to write, but with regular rewards, so I don’t get discouraged along the way.

Okay, I’m still listening, so what’s the challenge?

Complete twenty of our prompt tables.

What? That’s it?

Okay, it’s a little more complicated than that. You must complete two of the Themed tables, two of the Un-Themed tables, two of the ‘Inspired By’ tables, and two of the Genre tables. Beyond that it’s your choice. You can pick the other twelve fom our vast selection, or build your own if you do the 'Size Matters' or 'Points of View' Tables. There’s slightly different rules for each different type of prompt table, you’ll find them on each listing.

Judas H Priest on a crutch, do you have any idea how many fics that is?

Yup, that would be the reason it’s called the Mission:Insane Challenge.

So you expect me to write two hundred stories before getting a reward?

Nope, that’s the regular reward bit. Once you complete your first table I’ll send you a banner (see blank banner at base of page) with the emblem for that table on it. When you complete your next table I’ll update your banner, and so on until you have twenty emblems. Think along the lines of scout badges.

What if I give up before the end?

No worries, just let me know so I can update my records. I have a ‘retired’ stamp made for your banner if you want it, or you can leave it open.

Can I use pre-written fic?

Up to ten, that seems fair to me. Separate rules apply for the 'Size Matters' Table.

Can I combine my entries for these with other challenges?

As long as it’s okay with the mods of the other challenges.

Can I use more than one prompt per fic?

Only for multi-chaptered fic, epics and the Frame Stories table. For multi-chapters and epics, one prompt per chapter please. For Frame stories, it's one prompt for the frame, and one for each story you nest inside.

There must be more RULES than that.

The common sense rules apply, warn for anything that might freak people out (if in doubt, warn) and spoilers. Please put everything except the header under a cut, fake or otherwise. If you're writing Adult scenes I need for all characters to be over 18. I prefer for peeps to not fake cut to f-locks except for special circumstances, because, in-a-nutshell, I find that really annoying. And your headers must always contain at least the following information:

Claim/Characters/Pairing (whatever applies)
Warnings (inc. Spoilers)

And you must use the tags I give you, so I don't get confused :P

I have original characters, can I use them?

Of course, by all means. If they're in a fanfic world, please warn, but if they're in their own 'verse, run with it :D

What about deadlines?

I love deadlines, I like the noise they make as they whizz past. No seriously, this is a low pressure challenge. No deadlines. If you haven't posted in a while I might contact you to ask if you want to retire, but beyond that I'm really not fussed. Go at your own pace. EDIT: We have added one proviso, if you don't post at least one story during your first nine months of membership we will assume you've forgotten about us and delete your claim. That's enough time to make another human being, 100 words shouldn't be too difficult.

What about a minimum/maximum wordcount?

The 'Size Matters' Table has it's own wordcount rules, but for the others I'm going to say 100 word minimum, no maximum.

Okay, I'm interested, what do I do now?

First off you need to join the comm. Then go Here and get a master table and look at the different prompt tables (if you haven't already. Next you need to make a claim here so I can give you posting access and your tag. Then have fun!

Can I have more than one claim?

Yes, if you're just that mental, you are allowed 2 active claims at any one time.

I've changed fandoms, can I change my claim?

Of course. However, if you do so repeatedly without producing any stories at all the mods may require a show of faith on your part - to prove that you are serious about the fic part of the challenge and not just over-excited about your new fandom. This is usually five fics.

I'm interested, but I'd really rather do this in Spanish.

Check out mision_insana!

Ummm...I've claimed and you've given me a tag, but I'm not on the claims list?

Due to the regular incidence of Mac vs HTML catastrophic meltdowns, I'm updating the claims page once a week only. However, this doesn't delay your ability to post, as soon as you have your tag you're good to go (okay, maybe five minutes for me to tick all the boxes :P)
NB:- I am horrifically behind right now, this will be rectified as soon as my brain works.



And I'd just like to thank g_shadowslayer of slashyheroes15 for showing me how to do textareas, and 50originals which is where I got the 'opt out' idea from

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